Managing Successful Programmes™ (MSP) 5th Edition Online Course

Programmes are all about linking and managing projects for change and strategic business outcomes. MSP brings together well tried and understood approaches on how to achieve this.

  • Highest level of support before, during and after the course,
  • Top Exam Results with a 85% Pass Rate.
  • Study in your own time and have support as you need it.

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Who We've Worked with

Why MSP?

MSP provides the knowledge and understanding of those that have successfully delivered programmes over the past 2 decades.  This best practice advice tells you about the areas you need to focus on and the steps you need to take.  

MSP recognises that while managing interlinking projects is important is it also important to have a Vision and to focus on Benefits.  

It is very strong on the concepts of programmes being well governed and controlled while allowing the constituent projects to successfully deliver to the vision.

MSP recognises the need to actively manage change and has roles and processes for this.  Stakeholders are an active consideration and MSP gives considerable guidance on an approach to active management.

Why Project Results?

99% Pass Rate for Foundation

We work closely to support our students to achieve a top pass rate.

Top New Zealand Support

Our Wellington based trainers are ready to provide you with support.  They have the highest experience in the industry.

There when you Need Us

While our online courses allow you to work on your own we are there providing local support when you need it.

Course Options

Foundation & Practitioner

36 to 56 Hours of Study
  • Practitioner is the qualification which demonstrates your professional ability to work as a programme manager, consult in project management or work in organisational process. You need be Foundation certified before completing Practitioner but we can get your through both.


12 to 24 Hours of Study
  • Already completed Foundation ready to make the next move to Practitioner? Then register now to complete your online training with us. If you completed Foundation with Project Results, we have special rates for this so contact us now.

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What's Included with Our Course

Once you register for any course you are sent the “Managing Successful Programmes 5th Edition” Manual, the “Inspiring Projects MSP Desk Reference”, and the full online course.  The online course is electronically delivered so you will be able to start immediately.

In Practitioner, we have a strong focus on applying MSP in real life. Our focus on scenario based exercises includes the complexity and nuances inherited in real life programmes (so no rote answers).  This is done in small groups and as a whole class.

  • MSP Curriculum
  • Exercises to reinforce your learning
  • Access to our MSP Trainers
  • Extensive Practice Exams
  • MSP Exam
  • Post Course advice on applying MSP along with an extensive range of templates and exemplars